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Case Results

Case Results


Traumatic Brain Injury

Injured worker sustained severe injuries in a motor vehicle accident while performing duties as a volunteer.


Physical and Psychiatric Injuries

Injured worker sustained severe Physical and Psychiatric injuries, including fibromyalgia, due to repetitive duties at work.


Head Injury

Injured worker sustained severe injuries falling off a ladder while trimming a tree.


Hip/Leg Injury

Plaintiff sustained severe orthopedic injuries while he was driving his vehicle and was rear ended by a truck.


Orthopedic/Psychiatric Injury

Plumber fell off a ladder sustaining physical injuries which led to severe psychiatric injuries.


Hip/Pelvis Injury

Truck driver sustained traumatic hip fracture after falling while exiting a truck.


Physical and Head Injury

Injured worker was assaulted at his workplace sustaining severe bodily injury and head injury

$655,109.82 + Life Long Future Medical Care

Orthopedic/Respiratory Injury

Train mechanic sustained severe injuries to his spine and lungs rendering him a 100% permanently totally disabled and unemployable.


Psychiatric Injury

Accountant was subjected to homophobic abuse at work place, causing severe injuries to his psyche.


Finger Amputation

Wood cutting accident which resulted in the partial amputation of three fingers.


Orthopedic Injury

Truck driver sustained severe orthopedic, internal and psychiatric injuries due to an accident while he was performing a safety inspection of the truck container.

$345,000.00 + Life Long Future Medical Care

Low back Injury

Employee working as a grinder for 16 years sustained severe low back injuries due to repetitive work, resulting in a lumbar spine fusion surgery.


Electrical assembler sustained injuries to his low back and knee due to repetitive work.


Auto Mechanic sustained injuries to his right eye in a work accident, which resulted in multiple eye surgeries.