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Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

Worker's Compensation

Sookasian Amirkhanian Law Group, APC represents injured workers across Southern California. Artin Sookasian and Armen Amirkhanian are experienced and aggressive attorneys that fight to obtain maximum recovery for the injured worker. The Workers’ Compensation system has become increasingly more difficult to navigate and injured workers’ need to protect their rights. We want to ensure that you receive all benefits entitled you as a result of your work injury.

Call our office if you have sustained a work related injury. We will provide an explanation of all your rights within the worker’s compensation system and help you through each step of your case. Ultimately, we want you to have a choice with how your case is being handled.

What constitutes a work injury?

A work injury can either be due to a specific incident, such as a slip and fall, or it can be due to repetitive movement or a continuous trauma.

There are several types of injuries that can be considered work-related.

• Orthopedic injuries
• Internal injuries such as diabetes, high blood pressure or gastrointestinal issues
• Psychiatric complaints such as depression or anxiety
• Neurological
• Rheumatologic

Is my injury serious enough to require the assistance of an attorney?

Every injured worker has the right to retain the services of an attorney. Your rights matter regardless of the severity of your injury. Whether you have sustained an injury due to a slip and fall, repetitive movement, or stressful work environment or harassment; you have rights that need to be protected as you go through the complex and tiring workers’ compensation system.

If you think you may have a work related injury please call our office for consultation.  We will provide you with free legal advice and you will ultimately choose your next step.

What are the worker’s compensation benefits?

An injured worker has the right to receive monetary compensation while unable to work, lifetime medical treatment for all work related injuries and monetary compensation for all permanent disability due to the work injury. Our duty is to obtain maximum compensation and medical benefits for our clients.

If you have any further questions, please call our office for a free consultation.

Personal Injury

Sookasian Amirkhanian Law Group, APC., our experienced lawyers understand the complexities involved with personal injury cases, as well as the importance of presenting adequate supporting evidence. We will work with you to compile all necessary records and consult with medical and vocational rehabilitation experts, so that we can effectively pursue our client’s personal injury claim. Our lawyers are fully dedicated to getting clients the most favorable recovery possible, whether filing a personal injury lawsuit, submitting a claim for worker’s compensation or requesting social security disability benefits.

Personal Injury/Workers Compensation:

Generally, an injured worker can only file a workers compensation claim to receive benefits in connection with his/her work related injuries. However, another contractor or subcontractor working on the work premises may be held liable if they made a mistake which caused the injury. The manufacturer of defective machinery or equipment can also be held liable to pay for the losses if their negligence caused the workplace injury. At Sookasian Law, our experienced lawyers will thoroughly analyze every work injury to determine the liability of all involved parties.

Employment Law

California and federal law requires employers to follow guidelines regarding minimum wage, salaries, overtime compensation, breaks and other workplace issues. Because of the complexities of these legal issues, employees are often confused about their rights and protections. If you feel your employer has unduly withheld your salary or wages, contact our office immediately.

Often times, workers are subjected to undue workplace harassment, stress and discrimination. Whether you have been fired or discriminated due to your disability, age, race or sexual orientation, our attorneys will explain your rights and guide you through your this stressful process.

Contact Sookasian Law with all your legal concerns. Our experienced team will thoroughly analyze your case and refer you to lawyers with specific expertise in the appropriate legal field.